a few words about miss chelsea elizabeth...

she likes: making kites, dancing in the rain, adventures, little-while friends, letters, whole-leaf tea, crayons, bare feet, jumping in rivers/streams/creeks/waterfalls, language, catching the clock as it changes numbers, sleepovers, trains (big or small), cuddling & waking up before the sun rises, among other random things.

oregon-born, seattle-raised, bellingham-bred and franco-refined, she had moved back to the states from her affairs across the atlantic & now resides in columbia city with french husband & love of her life rémy. they spend most of their time taming the garden, taking care of their three chickens & two cats, and preparing the urban homestead for a new little chick of their own.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

i/m so unhappy here it hurts.


tête de linotte said...

yeah well, let me remind you what home is like: last night my roomate had a passive aggresive meltdown where for some reason she wouldn't come talk to me about how disgusted about the dishes problem she was (which, of course, is largely HER FAULT) no instead she decided to SCREAM DOWN THE HALLWAY about it.

Think of all the psychotic american bullshit you AREN'T putting up with right now!

Je t'ai promis que ca ira mieux bientot ma belle, sois forte, sois sage, et finalement tu vas te sentir bien, t'inquietes pas, d'accord?

Katrina said...

take some deep breaths.

don't forget how much you are LOVED.

natalie said...

big, big hug.
& in less than a week, i can give you a real one :)
je t'aime.