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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tuesday market

I am constantly amazed at how un-expensive it is to buy locally & organically grown produce. Tuesday morning is my market day. It's the day I always have off, and the day I love the most at the market because all four of my favorite local growers are there. I love it because I know all of the growers personally and know exactly where my food is coming from. The farthest away is a mere 30km from my front door!!! That's only 20 miles away!!! It is fresh, tastes amazing and is super cheap.

Voilà my steals for today, at a grand total of 14.17 euros:

3 liters of 100% apple juice, lettuce, radishes, garlic,
white turnips, cauliflower and 1 kg of fresh cherries

the cherries are delicious!!!

this is our fav apple juice ever.
we buy at least three liters a week,
one liter of which goes to make homemade popsicles!

I can't wait to make lunch & savour ever last bite, but even more than that I can't wait until next Tuesday when I get to do it all over again!!

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