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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

houses, promotions & life - oh my!

Well time just flies by, doesn't it?

I can hardly believe it, but somehow in the craze of moving to our own place, getting jobs and starting our new life as young adults in Seattle (& all that jazz!), free time just went out the window. Not only did I somehow miss the one-year countdown mark (I currently only have 340 days left!!! How is that possible???) but this is the first time EVER I have been behind in the percentage race (where I have more time complete than tasks - eek!!!)!!!

So for those of you who follow, here's the Cliff's Note version of life with the Coutarels these days:

A VERY long time ago (we were still crashing with Mama Smith in Bellevue at the time) we were invited over to the Nesteroff's and made some HOMEBREW!!! They were amazingly nice, gave us a sweet Homebrew book and explained it all. It's super fascinating & I've been meaning to do a full-on post just on the process, but since I'm sure I won't get around to it for a while, here are a few pics to summarize.

 cooking the grains.

 getting my stir on.

 malt for daaaays.

 straining the grains.

 the nesterbrocks!

 agitating the brew.

 adding the magic.

 getting yeasty.

 ready to stew away!!!

 a taste test & our new book!!!

Of course we still haven't made it over to taste the final product yet... :(  We're working on it. But a big thanks to Mike & Kimm for having us & teaching us!!! It was a blast & we'd LOVE to brew again!

But... WE MOVED!!! (Finally!) We now have our own place over in West Seattle on Pigeon Point. We love it, and so does Tippen, who even has his own little room.

us looking glamorous on our first eve home!
(thanks for dinner, dad!)

Remy got his physical greencard super fast & we both have jobs. Remy's at the Seward Park PCC & I'm hustling it back at Starbucks in Bellevue again. AND (cat's out of the bag so I can go public now) I just got promoted! Shift supervisor, woo hoo! I'm working on grad school applications to go back & get my Masters in Teaching French & Remy's working on his English & his graphic design portfolio. 

Somewhere in there I turned twenty-six (!!! I'm more than half-way to fifty - WHAT??!),

thanks, mom, for the delicious vegan cake!!

and thank you friends (& too much beer) for helping us celebrate!
/ happy 26 to midnight birthday twin + bff rae!!
(horrid pic, yes, but the only one of us two from our special night!)

mastered vegan cupcakes,
chocolate coconut & chocolate sprinkles

vegan muffins,
lemon poppyseed

and vegan scones,
chocolate chip

inherited a new old bicycle,
may i introduce y'all to peter rabbit, my new used bike!
(a big shout out to previous owner jill - SO generous & don't worry he'll be put to good use!)
(this would be us at the tulip ride in skagit valley, by the by)

and discovered Mighty O Donuts, which just might be my new downfall. Not only are they ridiculously delicious, they are organic AND vegan!!!!! If you're ever in the Greenlake/Tangletown area (just east of the zoo) be sure to check them out.

apple fritter & grasshopper donut = heaven

Not long enough post for you? Haven't had your daily dose of cute? Well Tippen made a new friend, Solomon,
best buds (until sol wanted to play baseball with tippen - then it got a little complicated)

and Remy made a new friend at Mt.Si.
i guess the birdies like my vegan scones, too!

Well there you have it. I promise to try to update more frequently and less schizo-y. Until then, That's all folks!


Bike Lover said...

you're alive! You should make a trip to Bellingham with the husband.

Mike said...

It's beer now. You get part of the batch, but you have to come over to get it. And don't forget we've got a dresser still sitting in the garage for you.

miss chelsea elizabeth said...


@ court: we should! i'll work on making that a reality.

@ mike: !!!!! omg i haven't forgotten, life just hasn't quite let me catch up to it yet. i'm working on it, too, promise!!!