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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dye wrap up

So time just keeps flying right by. I'm currently working 40 hours at Starbucks and volunteering at various middle and high schools to get my classroom observation time in (for grad school applications) before summer starts. I could (and might) write for days about my experiences there, but for now I wanted to show y'all the finished yarn!!

Here's the yellow. It turned out perfect for a lion!

And here's the brown. A bit softer than when it was still wet,
but perfect for a monkey!

Here's what I have so far... half of the head! Not much, I admit.

And here's the pattern I'm using (but tweaked a little;
I'll omit the nose, sew on a monkey face and add a long tail.)
[The pattern comes from Knitted Toy Tales: Irresistible characters for all ages by Laura Long.]

I'm slowly but surely working on getting pieces done. My goal is to have the head done by tonight. I will certainly show you all of the pieces once I'm done knitting & as I sew him up!!

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